Monday, September 28, 2009

"Barn Finds" still happen.

They sure do! Take a look at this 1952 Cunningham that turned up in America.
Check out the carbies.
This all reminds me of a sports car that turned up in a shed in Truro, just down the road. The owner, many years ago, ditched an ultralight into St. Vincent Gulf and was never seen again. His daughter thought she had inherited a Bolwell Mark 4. It turned out to be a KM300. I must post some pictures. Or have I already done that?


Anonymous said...

I didn't recognise this one as a Cunningham, it seems it has a body from one of the many US makers, it does have the original chassis and engine, thoughts from that forum question its cloudy history, and whether it's worth the 115,000 pounds being asked.
If you like reading about Barn Finds, get hold of "Cobra in the Barn" and "Hemi in the Barn" both great reading.


John L said...

Aren't they.

degruch said...

Hmmm...wouldn't mind a KM300 in my shed! Just found your blog John...loving it, especially the articles on other obscure Aussie specials. Keep up the great work.