Monday, September 21, 2009


In the "Bolwell photos in Photobucket" (see links) there is (so far) only one "old school" Nagari. It's B8/21 and is one of two actual running "international" examples. It's Simon Peryer's car in New Zealand. The other one is in Europe of course. There is also a body/chassis kit in New Zealand. Last time I had enquired it had not progressed to a complete car.
This photo was contributed by Leetra who has quite a collection on Photobucket mainly of model cars including a number of New Zealand rally cars. The occasion was the annual Ellerslie Concourse D'elegance in Auckland two years ago when the car first arrived in NZ. Simon was invited by NZ Classic Car magazine to have it on show. The magazine at the time did a comprehensive article on the car and those collectors who don't already have a copy can view the article on the NSW Bolwell Club website, I think it's still there. From time to time the magazine comes up on Ebay.

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