Monday, September 7, 2009

All I know about B8/10 which isn't very much.

B8/10 sparked a bit of interest the other day in conversations about red coupes in Brisbane and my effort to put a photo on the forum was only mildly successful. So with a bit more luck here's some.
B8/10 was purchased new by a lady in Surfers Paradise and Peter Cowen of Yeronga was its second owner, buying it in 1977-78. In 1980 he passed it on to a car dealer, presumably this one below.
From Dave Bruce I have discovered that another owner was Mark Murphy in Queensland and Peter G tells me that in 1990 it was owned by Keith Hosking in NSW. Does anybody know where it is now?

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Keith H said...

B8/10 is still in my possesion after being purchased from Michael and Michelle Murphy in october 1987 the car went through a major "authentic" restoration which was completed in 1989--is now on historic rego and has travelled 38810 miles since new