Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend lots of things happened around our way and here's a few of them. It was the weekend of the Celtic Festival in Kapunda for a start, kicked off on Friday night at the Clare Castle with a couple of bands and the odd beer and the roast of the day. Next day was the mega garage sale which we checked out in the morning before getting down to Hill Street to be entertained. There were over 80 places in town having garage sales. We managed to pick up a couple of items. Anyway, down the street it was all happening. Below is my favourite group on the day, a bluegrass band and lots of banjo. That bloke, second from left, on the mandolin, actually made the mandolin I'm told.
Later in the day we went to the Sir John Franklin for the singing competition. Can't tell you the winners because we weren't able to hang around the bush dance up there road, where the results were announced, long enough to find out. This group below are RedCat from Victoria in the front bar of the Sir Sidney Kidman (a fancy new name for the North Kapunda).
The next day was Beven Young's big 65th birthday bash down in the big smoke but before we headed off we hung around for the Celtic Festival parade which, apart from the archers and whole bunches of jousting angry looking Mel Gibsons with big sticks, included all the local fire appliances, dogs on leads from the obedience club which were relatively well behaved until almost the end when the fight broke out, this year's crop of calves from the high school and the pedal prix vehicles etc etc, but here's the highlight, a collection of P76s. The third one in the group (and I didn't get a photo because I was still recovering from taking one of Sandy Deuter driving the cream one) was a chocolate coloured example with 20" wheels and a sound not unlike a F5000 every time the driver blipped the throttle, making the ground shake. There are a few P76s around, I even saw one of those blue and silver Targa Florios today, parked outside the Gawler Swap Meet.
Anyway, it was then off to the Somerton Girl Guide Hall for the birthday show which was great. I'll leave the photos for the next Slipstream but here's a couple of others. If I had managed to get both doors open in time, Norm and Sarah cuold have driven straight in. They were a couple of hours late because they were lost again as usual. Fortunately this time they didn't end up in Strathalbyn. This is even with the NavMan sitting on the dashboard, how could you go wrong?
And here's a couple of beaut looking little kids learning about Clementes out the front.

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John L said...

The point I forgot to make was:- P76s this year, Bolwells next year. We've got a few Bolwells around the place. I think we could put on quite a show. Maybe we could all go off afterwards and have that Presidents Trial or something.