Monday, September 7, 2009

Another shot of Coxy's 7.

Another image has rolled in of the ex-Alan Cox Mark 7 when it was a coupe. This time from the newspaper "The Hamilton Spectator".Still nothing of the Peter Schmidt example so far.


Colin said...

That's the same tail light set up as on Peters. 1970 Toyota Crown

John L said...

From Peter M:-
A bit of trivia re "Coxy's" (now my brother's) Mk7 and my old Mk7.

When I first got my Mk7 it had a fabric, slide back sunroof in it. This reduced the head room enough that I used to hit my head on the underside of the sunroof rail. When my brother decided to convert his to a sports I got the roof section. I then cut out the middle bit to use it to fill the sunroof hole in my car. So B7-334K has a bit of B7-320K in the roof.