Monday, October 6, 2008

Colin's photos

Here is the car Colin mentioned yesterday with the chrome windscreen surround. He calls it the wide track Mark 5 because Rob Wilson fitted HQ front and rear ends. Before we call it a day on this car I'll dig out some photos of it with the wheel humps completed and the car repainted. Have a look at the tail lights. They're old Fairlane ones turned around sideways.
Meanwhile, here's some photos I found of the same car when it used to live at Roger and Carole's in Northcote, home to some pretty good pre and post 6-hour parties.

The Cortina air extractor vents are evident in one of the pictures. They lived with the car for a very long time. I like the front blinkers. This must certainly be the car from the Mark 5 brochure, because, apart from the very rare (for Bolwells) Rudge Whitworth hubs and wire wheels, the bar through the centre of the mouth is noticeable in one photo.

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Anonymous said...

Looks pretty tuf with the wider track. I like it. That's a nice shot of the bonnet line in the bottom pic. If I had one, I'd be tempted to exagerate that nice curve coming up from the nose a little bit.