Thursday, October 30, 2008

Door handles

Does anybody know the donor car for these door handles? Not that we need replacements. I'm sure the yellow paint will come off OK, even out of the keyhole. I'm just curious that's all. My guess is very early Toyota but I'm often wrong. We have Heintze's wrecking yard near here, over at Koonunga, which is acres of old cars hidden away in the middle of nowhere. It's been a good source of Mk.1 Cortina blinkers, "Aston Martin" tail-lights and early Toyota Crown tail-lights (although these are thinning out a bit). I might go for a wander on Saturday and see if I can spot them.

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Anonymous said...

Are they 1966 Toyota Crown, seem to remember somthing very similar in a SCW magazine????
If you come across any crown / Mk7 tailights I would love to get them.
By the way love your work!!!!!!
Simon W