Friday, March 18, 2016

Where have all the Mk.4 coupes gone?

This is Dinky in the early part of her life, complete with Holden grey.
Steve Rowley now has Dinky and it is coming back to life with the appropriate grey engine.
Steve is compiling a register of Mk.4 coupes. So far, on his list, he has 2. The other one being Linley's. There were a few of them made and many of them must be lurking around somewhere. For a start, I remember 2 Peugeot powered ones, one in Victoria and one in NSW. Can anyone add to Steve's list of two?
This photo of a green one has been floating around for a long time. Image my surprise when a friend in Italy sent the same picture to me on my birthday.

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Ross McConnell said...

The photo of the green Mk.4 coupe was owned and built by Ross Bamford.
Photo taken by Graeme Bolwell when the car was just completed in front of the Bolwell family home in Frankston.