Monday, March 14, 2016

Come and try.

Good News for all those wanting to Come and Try at Collingrove, here is the info. -

Come and Try Hillclimb, Saturday, 16th April 2016
Please be advised that entries are now open for the above event.
Please be aware that CAMS mandate that you can only enter one come and try event per year and the Level 1 Licences are one-day only licences that may purchased at Club events for people that want to participate for the first time. A level 1 licence is for a single event only and for use at only one event per year. However if you upgrade to a Level 2S licence within 6 months the Level 1 licence fee is deducted.
As you can see below there is very little that you have to do to ensure that you are prepared.
All vehicles shall comply with Schedules A the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport. The vehicle must be in good roadworthy condition and will be inspected by CAMS scrutineers on the day. All vehicles (with the exception of those vehicles required to conduct the event such as SA Ambulance, Recovery Vehicle etc) must bear the Scrutineers’ “okay” prior to being permitted on the track.
Open sports vehicles are allowed to run. Seat belts must be fitted and be in good condition.
If fitted with an opening front panel (eg – bonnet), two separate fastening systems must be utilized. (Standard road registered vehicles comply with this requirement)
Vehicles must be adequately muffled to comply with noise restrictions.
Vehicle numbers will be issued on the day. Driver’s preferred numbers will be issued where possible. Numbers need to be affixed to the driver’s side of the vehicle.
Drivers’ apparel is to be as per Schedule D of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport and must be presented to the scrutineers for inspection.
· Clothing must extend from ankles to neck to wrists. The wearing of thongs, sandals and/or high-heeled shoes is not permitted.
· Clothing and footwear of flammable synthetic type material such as nylon is not acceptable.
Headgear – It is compulsory to wear helmets on track at all times. Such helmets shall comply with Schedule D of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport which states (in part) that helmets must bear the Australian Standard 1698 and must not have been modified from its specification as manufactured except in compliance with instructions approved by the manufacturer.
Remember that this event is untimed, so all you really need is a car, a crash helmet and wrist to ankle clothing with leather topped shoes.
Remember entries are open to the first 80 applicants.
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