Saturday, March 12, 2016

Easter is just around the corner.

Bolwell in Beechworth

THIS Easter Beechworth will play host to the Bolwell Car Club of Australia’s annual get-together.
Their sports cars will participate in the Golden Horseshoe Festival Parade on Saturday March 26, followed by a show and shine display in Ford Street.
Brothers Graham and Campbell Bolwell started building custom sports cars in their parents’ garage in Frankston back in 1962. The Bolwell factory has produced 800 cars since then.
Club president Fred Podner said most Bolwell models would be present.
“The majority being Mk IIIs and Nagaris, manufactured from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s,” he said. “There is at least one Mk IV attending, which belongs to Wodonga local, Tim Backhouse.”
Tim Backhouse told The Border Mail his passion for Bolwell cars began in 1975 and he has owned three models all up.
He said the fact the cars were built in Australia set them apart.
“That’s fairly unique,” he said. “To my mind, Campbell Bolwell has a fair eye for making a very attractive car and they always look good.”
Mr Backhouse said members would be coming from nationwide.
“Although the cars are made in Mordialloc in Melbourne, there’s quite strong clubs in South Australia and New South Wales, as well as in Queensland and Western Australia, so it’s a once in a year chance to get together,” he said.
Mr Podner added another highlight of the meeting would be the attendance of Campbell Bolwell, driving the latest Mk X Nagari model.
Mr Bolwell said he was excited to be joining this year’s event to meet with fellow enthusiasts.
“I’m always interested to catch up with owners of Bolwells,” he said. 
“Lots of the cars have their own unique stories, particularly the earlier Mk IV and most of the Mk VII models, which were released as kit cars and have had a lot of sweat and tears invested to get them on the road.
“They have all been finished or lovingly restored, with each car having its unique personal touch from each individual owner.”


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