Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Adelaide Hotrod Show 1971.

This is the late, great John English's famous '32 that used to make the trip over to run at Brooksfield.
How do I know it's 1971? Because that year Daryl displayed the yellow Nagari - top RH corner.


Anonymous said...

Hey JL.
Could it not be January 1972? At the Rod Show in support of AIR opening in January 1972. Likely the only time the 32 was in SA in 71/72. John English's last meeting with the 32 was the opening meeting for AIR with the 32 in it's second iteration with the 390 as shown in this pic. Been all uphill racing against the likes of modern altereds like the Splatt built Bounty Hunter.

From Australian Hot Rodder # 3 - he lunched the early Ford gearbox at this meeting and parked the car to concentrate on his business. Parted the 32 out into components so no one else could own the car.

Drag racing visionary, Iconic race car. the flathead powered version of the 32 was there in 66 at the Hot Rod Show held in the old Chrysler factory on Anzac Highway and racing at Brooksfield on the Sunday. Hoo hah, heady stuff for a 15 year old.

The DeMack Buchanan/Pontiac special that I owned years later was also there in 66 resplendent in dark metallic silver. re the Nagari in the pic with the 32 - big chromed mags on the rear - was this Darryl's yellow car or another Nagari?


John L said...

It was Daryl's and it was 1971.