Monday, March 14, 2016

Mad Max - Fury Road.

All the publicity for this car tells us it's a Corvette.
Well, I reckon it's a Perentti. Take a look at this Perentti that was for sale in Adelaide a while back.


Paul Ewins said...

It is absolutely a Perrenti, I don't think anyone on the build team ever pretended otherwise:

Anonymous said...

Perentti was Australian made on a hq panel van frame(not ute) as this was lighter(1300 to 1400kg) and the engine was moved back 300mm and angled to create a 50 /50 weight balance making it a great handling car.Less than 100 made in mid 80's Chev power in perth mad 26 numbered 001 to 026. eng 253 v8 to 454. It's a much better car than the c3 corvette it looks like. Was a bit longer than c3 to allow for a usable boot.