Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rules and Regulations : Headlight height.

Early plans for the Ikara had the headlights incorporated into the front guards but unfortunately that made them just not quite high enough to satisfy regulations in Australia on headlight height. Therefore the headlight pods were developed as a separate item and bolted to the front guards at the correct height to get around the problem.
Just take a look at this similar situation. The current little Fiats that have just gone on sale in the US as a result of the FIAT/Chrysler entanglement are not the first attempt to sell the baby Italians in that country. This is the "USspec" Fiat 500 made for that market between 1958 and 1962. Look at the headlights.


Anonymous said...

Just as well Bolwell had to move the headlights ...... it may have ended up looking hideously ugly!

John L said...

I know you don't mean it , Anonymous. We all know they're such dear little cars!