Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Red Mark 7 convertibles

Just a thought. Are these the same car twenty or so years apart?


bollie7 said...

No they are not. The bottom one is my brothers car which he still has. It used to belong to a bloke with the last name of Cox in Victoria.( I can't think of his first name) When my brother bought it, it was still a coupe until about 17 years ago when it got a clobbered in the rear passenger side. When it was being repaired my brother had it converted to a sports. There should be a couple of pics of it as a coupe on the cd I sent you. It used to have cut down Toyota Corona Mk2 tailights. They were a long thin light which almost met each other in the middle on the Mk7.


Colin said...

do you have any rear pics of Peter S's Sth Aussie Mk 7 with the full width Crown tai lights?

John L said...

"Coxy" was the originator of the "PITA" awards at Easter.
That's a good point, Colin. Those slightly later Crown tail lights were smart looking units and worth showing to everyone who hasn't seen them. I'll see what I can dig out. Incidentally, I was down in Adelaide yesterday and saw an immaculately restored Toyota Crown that very model on Payneham Road, a rare sight these days.