Saturday, July 1, 2017

Oversteer? Nagaris don't oversteer.

This is Max Ullrich at Amaroo. He's one of the Bolwell racers we tend to not recall quite as much, even though he raced this car, B8/12, for 3 years (from '79 to '82 when he returned it permanently to the road).

Many years later it became Andrew Giannopoulos' car. Andrew entered it in successive Duttons GP Rallies back in the days when the AGP was at its proper home. Here's a few photos.
The lowered floor on the driver's side is evident in some photos.This came about as one of the early owners, Paul Hoult, was of Pete Garvin proportions and Bolwell eased his dilemma by lowering the floor 2". This would have been the first one to receive that treatment.


Anonymous said...

2nd photo: the dark blue car, was not B/12 it was Paul Rossiter in B8/18. PeterG

John L said...

Yes, you're right of course. Never mind.