Monday, July 3, 2017

Still haven't seen it.

Where's it meant to be on at?


Ikara8 said...

Watched it on Air NZ today, fantastic. Lots of old behind the scene footage and interviews with the people that were there. Probably watch it again on the way home next week :)


Anonymous said...

It was only shown for 2 days, June 24 & 25 in village cinemas, on DVD or pay TV next?

John L said...

2 days! How stupid!

Anonymous said...

Saw it at Palace cinemas in Melbourne.
Really enjoyed it. Impressive achievements for a guy who died in his early 30's and spent two years in a bed at the home for crippled children. The newsreal style commentary of this is really quite unreal compared to what we are used to today.
It's well worth a look John, make sure you see it.