Friday, July 14, 2017

From Peter du Toit in Jo'Burg.

I was wondering what happened to my Nagari. The following was the history of the car as far as I know..
I purchased the car in kit form from Phil Howie who was an historic racing enthusiast. John Ten built the car for me.
The car came to South Africa with another Nagari the open top version which I believe was in an accident and never rebuilt.
Phil bought the car as an project car for him and his son..who now competes in the Dakar events with Lee Roy Poulter…
The project was never completed and when we got it was not painted.
We built the car and raced it in 1991/92 in local historic events. It was not successful. Huge bump steer which we put down to the Elan Type chassis flexing.
I sold the car around 1995 to Brian Tyler who I think then owned Rolo Motors.  I year or two later I saw it advertised in the U.K.
Yes the car was painted blue when we had it, but as I said was a nightmare to drive and always ran hot.  With lack of attention and development we rated it as unsuccessful in our hands.
We were by then involved with Chevrons and Lola T70s..
One thing for sure it is an original car that came from Australia to be assembled in South Africa…Somewhere in our archive’s we will have pics if you are interested.I still have some moulds we made in case of accidents..
Regards Peter  

Who wouldn't be interested in the pics.

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