Monday, February 27, 2012

More Pellandini.

Immediately after reading the Pellandini road test the other day, Graham Nichols sent me a link to a Mini Marcos site in the UK which just happened to have these 5 photos of "Mad Flying Max's" two Pellandinis.
Max Kinsmore is at Gawler East which is literally just down the road from me. He and his wife are away in Bangkok this week but when they come back on Friday they've promised me a pile of photos.
Meanwhile here's some specs.
There is, in fact, a Pellandini languishing in a wrecking yard in Sydney. Remember the convertible version that used to be seen darting around the Blackwood area? John K still has that but it hasn't emerged yet after its "off" at Mallala.


degruch said...

That's the chap, and Rob...they have my mate's old Pellandini, sent me dozens of photos, which was great. Address Hawker Street Belair! My old stomping ground...amazing.

Anonymous said...

Do these two cars actually have doors, they don't appear to have the gullwing ones mentioned in the blurb?

Tony said...

The same pix plus a few more are on another UK website

Paul Pellandine said...

The Pellandini cars had "side Curtains" to get past the RTA requirements for specific design locks and hinges. The doors were removable by taking out two hinge pins. Max has kept the top part in place and RTA agreed the side of the car was sufficiently high not to require any doors. The convertible had forward hinged door panels as did the UK Pelland of 1989 on. Paul Pellandine