Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here's a few photos of B8/88 taken back in 1981 when it was owned by Ray Moore.
I have no reason to believe it isn't just as tidy today. Anyway, it sold at the auction last night and will soon be on its way to its new home in Port Lincoln, South Australia.


Anonymous said...

No reason to believe its in any different condition...... guess you haven't heard the stories!

John L said...

I guess you're right Anonymous.

Glenn K said...

I was at the auction and looked over the car twice in the weeks before. To my eye, it looked like it needed a good clean up (particularly the interior), but the basics were all pretty solid. The chassis looked straight and uncorroded. The fuel tank was clean. It started and ran OK.

Good luck to the buyer. I for one hope he gets years of enjoyment out of the car!


Anonymous said...

What did it sell for?

Graeme said...

I think I read somewhere it had 53000 miles on the clock. Probably a coincidence.

Gary W said...

Hi guys, I went to the auction and my thoughts are similar to Glenn K. The interior was a little tatty but overall looked like a good solid car. Paintwork was very good. I'd say a fair price for a good car. cheers Gary