Monday, August 19, 2019

Still at it.

Ranald is still getting his jollies from motorsport currently in conjunction with his 2 sons. Here's an account of last weekend's activities, the "old man" being Ranald.

So, this is how our day ended...
Saturday the car ran really well, Ran qualified the car 6th, then old man Maclurkin raced to a 5th and a 4th. Sunday, the car popped a hose and we found oil in the intercooler lines, we debated do we run the enduro or call it a day? We cleaned up the oil, wound down the boost and the old man did the top ten shoot out, the car was way down on power, but we decided to have a go. It was clear from the start the car was slow, but old man Maclurkinpumped out 12 laps. Ran then got into the car, and his first flying lap was faster than the oldman, we looked good. But the oil issues got worse with hot oil, unknown to Ran at the time, making its way into the cabin, along with exhaust fumes, and he was struggling to see or breath. He used a trick told to him by Gaz, from his honda racing days where you swap which eye you use to see, giving one a rest from the toxic fumes. Being the scribble head he is, he decided to pit, and get the old man to rip out the passenger window for more air flow. This helped and Ran was able to finish the race, not a great result, but points for the old mans championship. When we got to the pits a small fire broke out under the bonnet, obviously due to the oil and heat and melting and what not. Ran copping a face full of extinguisher powder just for good measure...
Then the ambulance rocked up. It had been noticed that Ran had been suffering from in cabin fumes, so after a check over, it was decided he need to go to medical as had headache, tingling in fingers and just felt a bit crap. 30 minutes on oxygen, a thorough washing out of his eyes (no they are still black) and a good check over, it was decided he could leave. So ended our weekend. It was a great one really, alot of fun, Father and son racing, just enjoying being at the race track. A huge thank you to the medical stuff at Winton Motor Raceway for being so quick on the scene and professional and concerned. Great to know they are there if it does go wrong. Also a big thanks to our sponsors
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