Thursday, June 2, 2011


Remember the Hillman Hustler? Unique to Australia and produced by Chrysler Australia Limited.
The colour of this one is Vitamin C. They had the 1725cc motor with alloy head and twin carbs.
When I was at Chryslers their 4 cyl. car was the Simca Aronde. The Hillman came later in the form of the Arrow, Hunter, Royal, GT and Hustler. Later was the Centura and then came the Chrysler Sigma which then turned into the Mitsubishi Sigma. I wonder where the Hustlers have gone. There's quite a number of Hillman fans around these parts. I must ask the question.


James said...

A friend of mine who lived in Para hills owned a Husler GT hot pink
with black bonnet stripes and four spoke alloys I remember them being much cooler back then!!!

degruch said...
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degruch said...

Was one near my parents in Belair up until very recently, exactly like the one's pictured...unfortunately, Chrysler missed the 'cool' mark with the Hustler big time.

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories my husband owned a Hillman Hustler in 1972 he once made the trip from Ararat to Bendigo in just under an hour...

Hugh said...

In 1971 I went to Aus from nz and purchased a Hustler at Tweedheads.
Drove to Melbourne and worked there.It was a great car,I even got expert at syncronising the twin
strombergs.Sold it and returned to nz.The hunter/Arrow series in nz
were in production from 1967to 1978
There are some great examples in the Chrysler/Hillman club because
of there long production run in NZ

Unknown said...

wished you had asked me before you used my pictures mate.