Wednesday, May 11, 2016

27th out of 28

Well, at least we weren't last.
This was the 6 hour relay race on Anzac weekend.
Not enough Bollies in the team I reckon.
We had 3 lined up but Bernie's new bell housing didn't arrive in time, John H ballsed up the paperwork and Pete M was a late scratching due to illness. We almost didn't have Chris' GT40 either with a drive shaft destroyed at the end of practice on the Saturday. Greg's GT40 to the rescue with a shaft from that and in true American soap opera style, got to the scroots just in the nick of time. So, it was up to our Clubbie collection plus one DRB GT40.

Some Bollies in the pits on race day.

So here is our team.......


So we plugged away all day in a positive manner, a well oiled team that included a large number of members in a variety of roles. We gained bonus laps and didn't give away too many penalty laps. The penalty for car 166 not doing the required number of laps must have been huge.

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