Monday, April 25, 2016

Waiting for the article.

Last year Stacey teased us a bit with his discovery of the original builder of his Buchanan when the builder, Murray's,  brother came up with this framed picture. Murray's brother thought it was a Bolwell, not that he could spell it.
The car was easily recognised as Stacey's by the slot above the nose.
The car was originally built in Fremantle in 1962, Murray using the mechanicals from his dad's FJ.
The original builder but not the original purchaser, the body and chassis being brought over to WA by Ron Willmott to build into a drag racer. Ron achieved notoriety in WA drag racing circles with his JWF Milano roadster "Mighty Mouse".
Years later, but still donkey's years ago, one of Stacey's friends found the Buchanan in a paddock.
Six months of negotiating with a deceased estate and Stacey became the new owner.
Now an article on the Buchanan's history and its plans for the future have been promised and I, for one, can't wait.

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The prez said...

That person who told me it was in a paddock was Barry(to his eternal regret), and as he is half way around his lap of the paddock, i have to wait as he says he is going to help.....yes baz, i will take you up on that.