Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well, there was some Australian representation at this year's Monterey "historic auto races". It's Rusty French with the 1979 Turbo 935.


Colin said...

Thanks for this John as I did a Google search on Rusty and came up with some fabulous pictures of his 2 K3's together plus some links to forums with 934 Porsches and a Kremer 930 S slant nose.

A pleasant afternoon's entertainment

John L said...

What about that big black Panrtera he used to run in ProdSports? I wonder what happened to that.

Colin said...

Apparently he still owns it. Buys and almost never sells. Guess having a quarry started by your Dad 50 years ago allows such things which is a good thing as his K3's show. History preserved and still driven forcefully in anger