Thursday, May 25, 2017

Talking about the Mini Marcos.

Here's a 4-door.

Paul is right.

When I said in a previous post that the place to go for a Mini Marcos was Japan he responded that Victoria had their fair share of them. Well he's right, I've found a few.
Like this one being prepared for historic sports.....
.....but guess where it came from - Japan.
This Mini Marcos was the subject of an auction in Melbourne last year.
And this one has appeared at at least one recent Geelong Sprint.
This is the same one when it lived in Queensland.
I do remember it languishing under a Hills Hoist in Qld for some time.
Here's another Melbourne car.
And here's a Sydney one.
And an Adelaide one even.
Although in SA you're more likely to find a Taylorspeed Gem....
.......or a Pellandini......
......or an Ecurie de Dez........
because they were all made here.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Other cute little cars No.4

The Peter Hall Memorial 6 Hour Relay.

Planning our entry around 6 cars/drivers, the unfortunate withdrawal of the 2 Cobras left us with the following group.
Peter Mac/Bolwell Mk.7
Barry Schultz/ASP clubman
Norm Clements/Clemente clubman
Chris Westren/Roaring GT40
A beaut little competent team that couldn't afford to get any littler.
We approached the event with a feasible game plan that did come unstuck a bit. Practice the day before for 3 of the 4 cars enabled those drivers to set their lap times which turned out to work very well on the day for them.
One remaining driver, who works on Saturdays, didn't have that luxury and only had the opportunity for 5 cold laps on Sunday morning and tried to set a time from that. As you know, the 6 hour is a regularity event and lap times are critical. With this (as it turned out) inappropriate time, the number of breakouts was huge which pushed us down the list at the end of the day. We are gradually getting better though. 2 years ago we were 2nd to last and last year we were 3rd to last. This year we came 4th to last. The Bolwell ran well all day as did the ASP. The Clemente succumbed to mechanical problems, fortunately after Norm had completed his 10%. The GT40 sported brand new Wilwood front brakes which proved to be very effective but huge pad wear resulted in Chris doing his last few laps in the Bolwell. Club member, Chris Gascoigne, running in MX5 team 2 shared last place with his fellow team members. Actually, Chris G ran pretty well all day doing more than his share. It wasn't his fault that the rest of the team dropped out leaving him high and dry. Meanwhile, former Bolwell member, Ian Duncan, in MX5 team 1, hit the wall rather heavily and we were concerned for his well-being. However, he later appeared in one of the other team cars. Being a bit incapacitated, I was lucky to be able to take a seat in the press box and do my calculations and relay via lap recorder extraordinaire, Dino's radio, instructions to deputy team manager, Greg. Our neighbours, the Puma team, came one place ahead of us.
For consistency, a team of only HQs or Excels would be good.
Evidence of this was the "Sexcells" team coming third and the Scouts team (comprising Hyundais owned by the Scout Association) did pretty well too.
In the carpark we find Dino's 7....
.....another Clemente....
....the new owner prepared to recognise it as such..... and I managed to get a spot in the area reserved for black MR2s.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Something to aim for at PI.

280 Panteras in one street.
Must have been a sight for sore eyes.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Double decker.

So many variations of the Mini but this is exceptional.

My favourite 3-wheelers No.9

A 3 wheeled Mini. My question is why? Saving rubber maybe.

The real precursor to the SR6 IMHO.

Mark 4 owners tell us that the Mark 6 is basically an extension of the Mark 4 and maybe so.
Take another look at Soren's car, Mk.4 front, rear engined, built by Kerry Luckins and Soren's dad, Garnet Luckins in 1962-63. Did Alan Newton take inspiration from this?

Following its restoration, its first outing will be the upcoming Sandown Historics. Wouldn't it be great to see both cars side-by-side.

PS. Late news. Both cars at Sandown is a definite possibility.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Other funny little cars No.3

Didn't take long.

Going to a good home in Victoria, to a former owner who has been very much around the Bolwell scene for as long as I can remember. It'll be in good company with another Aussie special (historic racing royalty).

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How's this?

Photographer Shoots Formula 1 With 104-Year-Old Camera, And Here’s The Result

If ever there was a sport that required rapid fire photography, Formula One racing is it. Which makes what photographer Joshua Paul does even more fascinating, because instead of using top-of-the-range cameras to capture the fast-paced sport, Paul chooses to take his shots using a 104-year-old Graflex 4×5 view camera.
The photographer clearly has an incredible eye for detail, because unlike modern cameras that can take as many as 20 frames per second, his 1913 Graflex can only take 20 pictures in total. Because of this, every shot he takes has to be carefully thought about first, and this is clearly evident in this beautiful series of photographs.
Paul was inspired to cover F1 racing with his trusty Graflex after seeing a 1969 magazine containing images of that year's Indy 500. Noticing that the photographer had captured the event deliberately blurry and out of focus, he set about trying to recreate this technique with modern F1 as his subject. He first started shooting F1 racing at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, and he's now so passionate about the sport that he's even launched a magazine called Lollipop, a publication for Grand Prix enthusiasts. Check out some of his pictures below. You can also find him on Instagram.
That's Bored Panda's first and latest logos.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Rear brakes only.

But there's no rear wheels.
This poses a few other questions.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A bit strange.

Why has this tractor got no seat and no steering wheel? Well, farmers who were used to horse drawn implements were a bit scared of climbing aboard these things so they were operated remotely with reins.

What I find even stranger, they were still made in the 60s.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lots of work happening on this Norax at Grunt Performance.

This one is Lance's old car. It spent a bit of time with one of Ranald's young blokes back when both boys did their level best to try and resurrect Group A sports.

A fair bit of work you might say. I'm looking forward to the day when all 3 of them race together, including the Davis one here.....
....and Brian's old one that is now in our club. It's down to Alan.