Monday, November 12, 2018

Resto begins.

Here is the ex-Mike Exton mark 7 in 1974 when Mike brought it to Shepparton for the Easter event that year.
Some time after that Mike's dad, who had some form of expertise in fibreglass work, fitted a bolt-in Nagari style nose, evidence of which you'll see in photos below.  John Dickson acquired the car and he has had it for many years. It's now time for an update and Graham Nichols has been throwing his weight into the bodywork and paint. At the moment it's been glassing, glassing, glassing, sanding, sanding, sanding, blocking, blocking, blocking.
It should be good when it's finished.

A couple of firsts.

First roll-over hoop.
First FWD transaxle.

Sandown Sunday.

KB & Alfie
Another Tiga, the newly restored Sports 2000 of Grant Maxwell.
and a minute's silence at 11.00 am.

Thanks Spencer, Grant and Ian for the photos.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dave's Pantera coming on

I'm following the progress on this car and huge progress it is. I really like the colour.
Bruce and Geoff were ahead of their time with their green Nagaris.

The number of large rebuild undertakings among the Pantera guys amazes me. Add to that the number of LHD to RHD conversions on the go at the moment and you have a very active DeTomaso group.

Look who's the fastest Clubbie at Legend of the Lake.

Goodonya Kym!

How'd you like that breathing down your neck?

Milano body on Gumtree in Brisbane.

Original 1950's fibre glass body shell only. Rare oportunity to build period historic race car or road special. I have owned for 30yrs now shed clearout to down size for retirement.

Friday, November 9, 2018

That Buchanan body.

The other week a lady was asking for history/information on a Buchanan body she had acquired. We haven't come up with much help so far but it is now for sale on Gumtree for $5,000.00

KM200 on Ebay.

"1957 KM200 Australian built glass body kit car. This is a regrettable sale of my unfinished project. The KM's were built in Sydney by Keith Morrison and there were only circa 27 built. A lot of these became race cars and a net search will show quite a lot of information about them.
I have owned this for seven years and was to be a joint project with a couple of close friends. There is still a lot of work to be done although most of the heavier body work is covered, it is a rolling chassis with the body bolted to the chassis. The bonnet needs a lot more attention and flattening and shaping where the original lift out hood has been glassed in and a 'hump' to allow for the rocker cover incorporated.
This example is powered by a 950cc A30 engine (which was a runner) with smooth case Sprite gearbox and MG Midget rear axle. Adjustable coil over shocks all round with bolt on knock on wheel adapters allow the wire wheels to really bring the period lines out. The tilt front is not the original configuration however was a modification prior to my ownership and is perfectly suitable and makes access to the engine easier.
Included with the car is all the components shown which include a second set of used wire wheels, a rough set of Bugeye Sprite seats, A40 Farina rear windscreen which fits the front, heaps of gauges, 4.22 Midget diff centre, MG Midget prop shaft to be modified to fit, hotdog side pipe muffler, new carpet, insulation material, twin SU carbs. three radiators including a new electric fan and lots more"

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Noticed in an Adelaide suburb today.

Climb to the Eagle.

The run was last Friday. Phil and Rita's 7 was the only Bolwell that took part although Scott was there in the NSX. Here's a few pics. Note the M1. You don't see them every day of the week.
It was decided last night that we should go back to making the climb a club event next year. That means that we'll have to get busy when entry forms come out because it doesn't take long to get a full list of entries.

Hyperdrive Interclub Challenge No.3 - The Bend.

A few shots.
May I say that Hyperdrive, who provided these photos, provide the slickest operation that we have ever been used to and future events of theirs are well worth considering.