Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Monday, June 29, 2020

Brand new replica IKARA badges.

Just like the real thing except for the pins on the back. Sikaflex is wonderful. They were quite inexpensive too.

Windscreen in.

For the 40th and last time.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our Cobra contingent.

Any excuse.

Those Nagari mags.


Five Nagari alloy mags rescued after lying out in the weather for about forty years. Looks like a full set of Nagari factory mags.

However , not so.
Two are Nagari mags with the necessary Ford stud pattern.

Two others are stamped H1 and H2 in the reverse side of one of the spokes, but not Ford Falcon stud pattern. 
H1 is a smaller stud PCD than Ford by about 4-5mm


H2 is a larger PCD than Ford by about 4-6mm (Holden?)

the fifth rim could be anybody’s as it isn’t drilled at all.

Any ideas on H 1 and H 2 ?

However, even with forty years of corrosion, one of the Ford ones has scrubbed up OK.

Before and after

Any thoughts on these would be appreciated.


Well, those wheels were made for Bolwell by a foundry called Robert H. Grant Pty Ltd on Ferntree Gully Road. After taking delivery of a couple of batches of wheels Bolwell never returned for any more. Much later, a number of tyre distributors  offered those wheels in various bolt pattern configurations. I recall a HQ Holden getting around with Bolwell mags and not all that long ago someone in Tasmania was offering for sale a set with Holden bolt pattern. Bob Grant (who was Tony Grant's dad) died about 20 years ago and the foundry no longer exists and neither do the dies for the wheels.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

How's this from Carol Joyce.

My Uncle Charlie Stanton celebrated his 100th birthday on 6th June. As a surprise his retirement village organised for the current owner of the Stanton Corvette to bring it from Blenheim to Nelson where Charlie now lives. This is the car Charlie and his late brother Maurice built 60 years ago. Charlie is still very with it and fit. He goes for a walk every day!

Friday, June 26, 2020

What happened to Pete on last Thursday's mystery run.

Also you may like to hear the "prognosis" of my little problem with the red car last week.........
As you may know I was stuck at Crafers with the car refusing to start, with very slow cranking, and consequently smoke in the drivers side footwell.... that was enough for me to decide to get it to the auto electrician on a flat top.
The car has an electrical cut off switch on the side of the steering column up under the dash above the drivers legs. Evidently with a battery low on voltage (which it evidently is/was) the starter draws a much higher amperage.....and "they" propose that the smoke was coming from the cut off switch as it didn't like the high current. We haven't been able to find any indication of burnt or melting cable casing anywhere, particularly on the starter/solenoid or the cut-off switch.
So all is well, a new battery about to be fitted, new fuses and a couple of other little things tidied up.

Oh ! Also I'm now aware that my trickle charger isn't suitable for a gel filled battery, so now have a "wiz bang" new Bosch one !

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Well I never......


This might confuse little old me a bit.

Sunday, June 21, 2020