Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Shannons Sydney Classic.

Rob went along to the Shannons Classic on the weekend, mainly to autograph some Bolwell Books, Fathers Day is coming up.
However he did manage to get some good shots of the Bolwells that came.
Some pretty fine examples here. Would have been a good day.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Favourite 3-wheelers No.21

Coming up at the next Shannons Sydney Auction. Note the frame is a leaf spring. I had one identical to this when I was little. Had my first major prang on it. I was racing 2 other kids home from kindy, rich kids with those toffy ones with the chain drive to the rear wheels. I was way ahead and looked behind me to see how far back they were and went headlong into a Stobie pole. Ended up in the Childrens Hospital with concussion. Haven't been the same since. These "bikes" could take a passenger (see the footplates on the back axle). Anyway, the expected price at the auction is about $600.  Somebody said I should have kept mine. Where would I put all the things I should have kept? I guess I should have kept the Panteras, the various Nagaris, the XY GT, the Warwick yellow GTS, the MGTC, the TR2, the Austin Healeys, the FWD Alvis, the BSA, the Chevs and Buicks, the original 1935 Ford V8 roadster......I could go on. Hindsight could be depressing if you let it.

A parking lot in Tokyo.

Makes Coffee & Cars look a bit ordinary.

50 shades of grey.

This is B8/81 after Vern had it painted in a manner that saw it a charcoal colour at the bottom and gradually got lighter as it rose up the car to the top.
Here it is with Robert Radman at the wheel and evidence of the Chev engine poking through the bonnet.
It did end up with the correct Ford 302 and in later life became red then deep green.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Clockwork orange.

Please don't tell me that a black Ikara is unattractive ever again!

And the only thing it has in common with this car is the headlights.

It's the VW front end that got me.

Then again, if it's a drag car then all it needs to do is hold the front off the ground.

Bloody hell Kym!

Kym N has had an altercation with an angle grinder - guess who won? 60-70 stitches from deep cuts to the face, jaw and neck requiring surgery. Could have been worse of course. It's a salutary tale about the power of even a small angle grinder to cause serious injury in a moment. Fortunately Kym is on the mend the there should be no serious permanent scarring.
Take it easy man!

Favourite 3-wheelers No.20

I can't go too much further with favourite 3-wheelers without considering the FWD BSA. A long time ago I had a BSA Scout from the 1930s, this very one in fact....
I sold it to Doug Smart. Doug passed away some time back. His wife still owns it. I wonder if she would sell it back to me when I have my lotto win. Don't they look smart (excuse the pun) with the top down?
All I have from my BSA days is my club badge which never made it on to the car.
Like Morgan, they made 2 seaters and 4 seaters and also like Morgan they made 3 wheelers. The 3 wheelers were made in huge numbers compared to the 4 wheeled Scout. It must have been something to do with registration fees in the UK that made the 3 wheelers so popular. Drop a wheel off and get cheap rego. I know in South Australia the Morgan 3 wheelers were registered as motor bike and sidecars. I know of a few Scouts in Australia and New Zealand but have not known of a BSA 3 wheeler out here. Anyway, here's a few examples over in the "Mother country".

Unlike the majority of Morgan 3 wheelers the BSA did not use V-twin motorcycle engines, but had in line 4 cylinder car engines of their own manufacture and front wheel drive, similar to the Traction Avant Citroens I guess.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

All one colour now.

Looks good.
Going back on the chassis next week.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Car Nut.

Still going strong (both man and business).
Not exactly a Bolly but he's happy. As happy as a man can be without a Bolly.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Returning to the place of your birth.

It's not a pilgrimage but I do have a funny feeling when I pass the old Henley Private Hospital. It's a block of flats now.

Anyway there is a white Giocattolo that has made it from Melbourne to Caloundra and must have similar feelings.
This is the longest road trip the car has ever made. Much further than the trip to Bright and back for a Bolly Easter.