Tuesday, May 21, 2019

No, I wasn't mistaken.

Thanks Ian Smith.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Something different.

I just love the sentiment.

Here's an idea.

Fibreglass Sprite shell on top.....MX5 underneath.
And this doesn't look too bad for a Sprite.

Nice one Gerard.

SA group K & J drivers now have a trophy to be awarded at the end of each Historic Winton. In the spirit of the category & Bruce Hartwig. 
The inaugural worthy winner is Gerard Miller. 
RIP Bruce. Most definitely loved & not forgotten!


......is that a couple of Bollies waiting to go out on the track?

Light entertainment.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


A one-off for sale in Victoria.
Nope, I was wrong. Here's another one.


Made in New Zealand.


Going to a good home in Victoria.

Still coming along.

Starting in about 2009 we used to post regular updates on Matt Jenkins' V8 Mk.7's progress.
About that time he made this dash for it.
Now Belinda has posted these photos of the dash in its carbonfibre state.
"Wanting something a bit different, we decided to try a carbon fibre dash in our bolwell, if it didnt work due to the shapes, can always trim over it, 3 layers of surfboard resin and 4 coats of 2pac clear, we are super happy with the result, better than expected".

No need to trim over that one Belinda. It looks great. Matt had messed around with carbonfibre 10 years ago with this exhaust outlet.

A couple of serious ASPs at Winton.

Jim and Bob flying the flag for SA.