Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wrong sort of new wheels, Tim.

B8/57....a pictorial.

This is for the benefit of Danny, the current owner .......
......who intends taking it back to its glory days as a race car. Great news for us here in SA. Maybe it'll get to meet Greg's ex Maclurkin, ex Gourlay Nagari on a racetrack somewhere.

Except for the first one of the following pictures, they were all taken in Victoria by Greg Stanfield at either Winton or Calder. In the first pic, the venue is AIR when still in the hands of Chris Clearihan and when it was still LHD. That's Chris with his back to the camera in the white race suit.

There. That should give you something to download and ponder over.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Favourite 3-wheelers No. 22

How could we forget the famous Morgans?

Grey stuff - 53

Norman superchargers.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Body and chassis reunited.

This is what Greg's aim is.
One of John Gourlay's earlier colour schemes.

Perentti for sale.

Palmwoods, Queensland

Perentti nearly finished. Needs radiator fitted ,some wirring and some other finishing jobs. One of 35 sold complete with new car warranty. New paint,new interior the drive train is out of my one tonner wich was running nines minus blower. Still around 450 hp fresh motor. Custom turbo 400 fully manulised,transbrake with custom tail shaft.
Would like to trade for ski boat around same value

Two of them!

Could the eardrums stand it?

A welcome change......

..........from all the WB Statesmans (Statesmen) in the Variety Bash. Brackets to keep the spell checker happy.

The Bend.

The first kerbs have been laid!
This is a four step process;
1. Identify kerb locations during circuit design
2. Install drainage
3. Cut track
4. Create and place moulds

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Shannons Sydney Classic.

Rob went along to the Shannons Classic on the weekend, mainly to autograph some Bolwell Books, Fathers Day is coming up.
However he did manage to get some good shots of the Bolwells that came.
Some pretty fine examples here. Would have been a good day.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Favourite 3-wheelers No.21

Coming up at the next Shannons Sydney Auction. Note the frame is a leaf spring. I had one identical to this when I was little. Had my first major prang on it. I was racing 2 other kids home from kindy, rich kids with those toffy ones with the chain drive to the rear wheels. I was way ahead and looked behind me to see how far back they were and went headlong into a Stobie pole. Ended up in the Childrens Hospital with concussion. Haven't been the same since. These "bikes" could take a passenger (see the footplates on the back axle). Anyway, the expected price at the auction is about $600.  Somebody said I should have kept mine. Where would I put all the things I should have kept? I guess I should have kept the Panteras, the various Nagaris, the XY GT, the Warwick yellow GTS, the MGTC, the TR2, the Austin Healeys, the FWD Alvis, the BSA, the Chevs and Buicks, the original 1935 Ford V8 roadster......I could go on. Hindsight could be depressing if you let it.

A parking lot in Tokyo.

Makes Coffee & Cars look a bit ordinary.

50 shades of grey.

This is B8/81 after Vern had it painted in a manner that saw it a charcoal colour at the bottom and gradually got lighter as it rose up the car to the top.
Here it is with Robert Radman at the wheel and evidence of the Chev engine poking through the bonnet.
It did end up with the correct Ford 302 and in later life became red then deep green.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Clockwork orange.

Please don't tell me that a black Ikara is unattractive ever again!

And the only thing it has in common with this car is the headlights.