Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not the Dart!

Also on Ebay.
Very Unique Racing Car with History.

 GSM DART  was manufactured in South Africa as fibreglass production sports car that has a successful racing history.

 This car was made 1958 and competed in the Johannesburg Grand Central 9 Hour Sports Car race.
 Later ran in 1960 with a converion to Alfa Romeo engine in 1960 and very fast car.
 Only weighs 605 kg  and is the Lotus sports that Colin Chapman went to SA and get ideas.

 There is much to write about but this car but it's only for the astute who know Historic Racing.

 Historic racing as a Group Sa or to a Sb or even better Lb Sports. 

 Google your homework .


The Hervey Bay Buchanan.

Ebay auction expired today with no bids.

This is a fully restored Buchanan MG of the 1950's and very rare in this condition.  On full QLD registration.   As far as I can ascertain it has never raced.   However I do not know its early history except when I bought it the seller (from NSW)  said he had purchased it from a seller who said he in turn had purchased it in South Australia.  

These bodies are a direct copy of the Aston Martin DB3S taken from the competition car of Tom Sulman by Nat Buchanan.
They were 1st sold in 1957.  In late 1957, as a teenager, I purchased Body No.6 & fitted it to an Austin A40.   A great deal of modifications were necessary to adapt the Austin A40 mechanics to the Buchanan body.  These modification are not necessary with an MG.

I have original advertising brochures etc., by Buchanan.     Buchanan built 90 bodies then following the sale of the moulds, J & S Fibreglass built 45 = total 135 bodies.   Ten (10) years ago in 2006 there were only 35 known to exist.

It has been restored to its former glory, and would no doubt be one of the last remaining, maybe the last, complete and running of the marque with MG running gear.

When I purchased this Buchanan the motor consisted of 3 different size engines.  The block was a 1147 cc; the head was a 1250; with twin SU carbs to suit a 1500. 

It now has a fully rebuilt 1500 motor with a slightly modified cam plus extractors.   The shock absorbers have been converted to telescopic.  Traffic indicators fitted.
It is now a real head turner;  and is a great car to drive. 

I purchased and totally restored the Buchanan so it would be part of my 50th wedding anniversary.

The only reason for offering the Buchanan for sale is because of its owners age and health.

It will be advertised elsewhere and I reserve the right to withdraw it from ebay. 

The starting price is the reserve price.   PayPal fees are to be paid by the purchaser.

Purchaser to arrange own pick-up and transport.

To arrange and inspection call Adrian 0417628156.
Not too shabby.


Yes anonymous, The Nagari at the Healey Factory does look like Jim's old car (B8/81), even down to the black and green leather seats.

This though, is how I remember B8/50.
Quite a transformation.

A tribute to Paul Woolley.

Sadly, Paul died suddenly on Saturday. You must read this tribute to our former club member by Doug Potts.
Dear Colleague, Client, Car Club Member and Friend,
Yesterday afternoon I had a most sad 'phone call from Ruth Woolley to say that her father Paul had died yesterday.
This is very sad indeed.
Paul for many years had trouble with an arrythmic heart that on all previous occasions had been corrected by an hospital visit. Not so yesterday.
Paul was monumental in the low volume vehicle industry in South Australia and the very essence of what it takes to build and sustain an industry.
By 1983, the South Australian low volume sports car industry had lost it prime contributors. Tony Alcock of Birrana Racing Cars had been working with world champion Graham Hill when Graham's aeroplane crashed while returning from a Grand Prix. Gary Cooper of the famed Elfin Sports Car had died from an heart valve failure and Colin Trengove had died in a Formula 5000 private practice at the Adelaide International Raceway. The Asp Sports Car company was in recess and Rory Thompson was working full time for Tubemakers Australia. Thus by 1987 there had been at least 4 years since a supply of locally build sports cars had been made available in South Australia.
When supply of a genre of vehicle ceases, the ways by which that genre was once brought to market get lost, forgotten or overlooked by lack of consideration in administrative matters.
And so, when Paul Woolley came from Western Australia in 1986, he was faced with a problem. He had build a Cobra sports car from a kit and hoped to get it registered and to build his own version with improvements and modifications for local conditions and parts.
One objection to registration of such vehicles was  "What? That car has 200 horsepower and it only weighs a ton. You wouldn't be able to drive away from a kerb without spinning its wheels."
Paul had the gift of grace and quietude and he let such comments wash over him.
Fortunately for Paul, the Manager of the Vehicle Engineering Section at the time was Chris Coxon who had been my boss on the design and development of the E38 to E49 Valiant Chargers that were homologated for the Bathurst 500 mile races in 1971 and 72. Chris understood high performance vehicles and the market they served. He was personally comfortable with such vehicles provided but was emphatic that they should be well constructed.
Only recently, I discovered that Chris had actually taken Paul's Application for Approval in Principle to the Minister, Gavin Keneally. It was truly Section 163AA of the Road Traffic Act in action and Ministry at work on behalf of Paul.
Paul's future hung in the balance.
Chris Coxon's words are etched in my heart. "We are not here to stifle the flamboyance of individuals, or to curb their creativity. However we must know what we are approving and I (the Manager of Vehicle Engineering) must be able to stand up in a Coroner's Court and explain why I have taken your recommendations and you (the Engineer), must be able to justify them,"
They were Chris's words but Paul was the stimulus. An industry developed on those two sentences and Paul initiated it.
Paul went on over the years to produce hundreds of Cobras with the brand name changing as business arrangements were tried and tested -- Classic Glass Cars, Woolley Component Cars, WE Sports Cars and finally the long standing AC Adelaide Cobra. Paul's constancy through thirty years placed him at the centre of all who built Cobras regardless of kit origin. No-one was turned away.
Paul's flamboyance was quiet. He advertised modestly and never overstretched his investment. For years he did not even have a fax machine but he was able to stay in business and produce cars while others came and went. A quiet achiever indeed.
Paul understood people and systems and once given approval he never pushed the boundaries of that approval and effectively kept the same kit in production for thirty years. Ever the inventor, he made prototypes of exotic variants but he sensed the mood of the times and stuck in production to what worked.
He brought to South Australians the opportunity to own vehicles that once could only have been dreamed of. Vehicles of other manufacturers depreciate, his appreciate. The vehicles of many manufacturers are destined for scrap heaps, his are destined for restoration and preservation.
Paul added to the income and wealth of South Australia and gave many an incentive to work long hours in mines or in desolate places overseas or in dreary jobs, knowing that once home their creative energy could be channeled into constructing one of the most famous genre of vehicle in the history of motor cars.
In prayers at the burial of the dead, it is common to hear "there is a natural body and there is a spiritual body, it is sown a natural body and raised a spiritual body". I find that particularly meaningful with respect to Paul. He was a very deep thinker with great insight into the ways of the world. He understood why cars and Cobra sports cars in particular are so important, not just important to people, but so important full stop. He imbued individually constructed vehicles with rich meaning and significance, even more richly with his passing.

I have lost a very dear friend as have many others. South Australia has lost one of its foundation stones of quiet enterprise and first principles production.

My deep condolences go to Inge and Ruth.

Douglass Potts

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I bought a calendar.

Yes, a 2017 calendar called Muscle Car Memories. I bought it at the Newsagents for $2.50 (inflation - last year they were $2.00). Of the 13 pictures, 11 of them were sports sedans of the 70s.  Every picture was taken at Baskerville. I'm guessing that the photographer was a Tasmanian but the photos were not credited to anyone. The publisher is a firm in NSW. Sadly, the printing was done in Sth. Korea. Anyway, the other 2 photos are of V8 sporties. Firstly, John Gourlay in the Nagari. I was there when he raced at Baskerville. I wish I had taken more photos myself.
The Nagaris that raced that weekend included those of Bond, Gourlay, Edwards, Main, Hanns and Van Elsen. There are lots of photos of John's car in its various colours and liveries but the purple and yellow Goodies Speed Shop colour scheme seem to be fairly rare (at least in the circle that Pete G and I move in), so it was delightful to make this discovery. I think Greg should give some thought to purple paint.

The other picture was that of the Elfin ME5 that Trevor now races. It was attributed to Tony Edmondson who was also driving the Alfetta-Chev at that time.
Anyhow, What a discovery for $2.50.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gawler swap meet.

I reckon this Simca Vedette would have to be my pick of the day.
Even with this GTR there.
Must be the lure of the V8.

Everybody's watching.

The Buchanan on the Lloyds auction in Queensland. Last time I looked it was up to $7201.00 and there's just under 6 days to go.

Year: 57-58
Make: Buchanan
Model: Cobra
Body: coupe
Odometer: n/a
Engine: Ford Windsor V8 petrol
Transmission: 3 speed auto
Colour: black
Seats: 2
Description/extras:Holley 4 barrel 600 vac sec, Edelbrock manifold, holley alloy tappet covers, extractors, Ford 9 inch diff with 31 spline axles,fiberglass roof canopy, under restoration, 
VIN: n/a
ENG No: n/a

Sold unregistered
Ex rego#: n/a

For Further Information On This Lot Contact 1800 456 588
(Thank you for your interest in this item, please note that all descriptions & photographs are to be used as a GUIDE ONLY. You are welcome to inspect this once in a life-time collection onsite on Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th September 2016 from 9am - 4pm)

(Location: 67 Erbacher Road, Hampton (just outside of Toowoomba) QLD 4352)
Auction Details:
Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers


Jim's 7 in the foyer at RACQ House.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The man.

The man behind the very successful car display in Rundle Street  East last weekend.
The onlyBCCA-SA member represented on the day (I think)was John and his Plymouth roadster.

This is a precursor to the Bay to Birdwood next weekend. Which reminds me - I could do with a couple more people to help with the finishing plaque distribution at Birdwood on Sunday. Call me if you can help.

Like the new helmet?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back on the market again.

At you know where.
For $89,500.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bar mirrors.

Remember these?
The SA club still have some and I reckon they'll let them go for $65 each. Let me know if you are interested.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mark 7 for sale.


Personalised sunrooves.

But what car is it?
Duane, you can't compete for this prize seeing you took the photo.

Last week's MSCA sprint.

Our turn for flag duty and an excellent turn-up from BCCA and AHOC members meant we had more than enough to do the job. Here's a few on station 2.
A few Bollies there on the day too.
Thanks Paul Bradley for the photos. Mine are still in my phone.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

2-door Holden coupes and convertibles.

In the 50s and 60s (pre Monaro) making 2-door Holdens was quite a sport. There must have been dozens of them around the country.
And then along came the Efijy.
Since then someone in Queensland is producing "replica" kits.
Barry and Chris came across this completed one in their travels.
I think they're quite a nice unit.