Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Yes anonymous, The Nagari at the Healey Factory does look like Jim's old car (B8/81), even down to the black and green leather seats.

This though, is how I remember B8/50.
Quite a transformation.


Anonymous said...

But the photo of the chassis plate in the Healey Factory ad clearly says B8/50 Sports?

John L said...

Most likely a retro fitted Fibrecar body. A beautiful looking car nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely B8/50. A Vic. member sold his B8/50 chassis to the seller, who obtained a new Bolwell Sports body from the moulds, with Campbell's OK.
The chassis ID plate was somehow obtained and stamped "Sports". B8/50 was originally a Coupe.
The Vic. member still has the original body( now without the roof = Sports ),
on a space-frame chassis.
What will this Nagari be presented as, maybe another B8/13 ?

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