Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I bought a calendar.

Yes, a 2017 calendar called Muscle Car Memories. I bought it at the Newsagents for $2.50 (inflation - last year they were $2.00). Of the 13 pictures, 11 of them were sports sedans of the 70s.  Every picture was taken at Baskerville. I'm guessing that the photographer was a Tasmanian but the photos were not credited to anyone. The publisher is a firm in NSW. Sadly, the printing was done in Sth. Korea. Anyway, the other 2 photos are of V8 sporties. Firstly, John Gourlay in the Nagari. I was there when he raced at Baskerville. I wish I had taken more photos myself.
The Nagaris that raced that weekend included those of Bond, Gourlay, Edwards, Main, Hanns and Van Elsen. There are lots of photos of John's car in its various colours and liveries but the purple and yellow Goodies Speed Shop colour scheme seem to be fairly rare (at least in the circle that Pete G and I move in), so it was delightful to make this discovery. I think Greg should give some thought to purple paint.

The other picture was that of the Elfin ME5 that Trevor now races. It was attributed to Tony Edmondson who was also driving the Alfetta-Chev at that time.
Anyhow, What a discovery for $2.50.

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Anonymous said...

Great find John, thats the best photo of the Goodies livery that i've seen to date, I also agree, it would be my choice of liveryfor that car.