Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Italia surfaces.

A few months ago Ian Webber in Queensland bought this car via Gumtree from a vendor who had no idea what it was. Ian didn't either, just knowing it was old and rare. Lots of research via Bollyblog and other sources revealed it to be a JWF Italia.
Rubbing part of the cowl back revealed many colours including green and Ian thought it may have been the green one in SA - not the case as the bodywork on that one was considerately modified and it's still alive and well over here.
As you can see, the car is in poor condition and actually has some damage on the front panel steelwork that fibreglassed to the under-bonnet area. Ian certainly has some work ahead of him. It has a Singer chassis (underslung) and an early Holden diff.
The Singer chassis must have been ideal as they are commonly found under Italias, Milanos, Buchanans and other Aussie specials. It must have significantly reduced the number of Singers around. There is no engine or gearbox but the engine mounts look like grey Holden ones turned sideways. The door handles appear to be FC Holden, and the front end seems to be Singer. It has a plywood floor with rubber underneath it where it mounted to the chassis. Fortunately, most of the other panels are with the car (just not in the pictures). Ian hasn't found any chassis numbers and has no history regarding registration. He would love to hear from any Italia owners or anyone else who has any info on them ( The windscreen is missing, he has read that it was a Morris Marshall screen. He also wants to know what the quarter glass was from. Some Italias had vents in the mudguards which rumour has it were Wolseley 24/80 front vents from either side of the grille. Ian has so many questions. Please help.


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