Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bloody hell Kym!

Kym N has had an altercation with an angle grinder - guess who won? 60-70 stitches from deep cuts to the face, jaw and neck requiring surgery. Could have been worse of course. It's a salutary tale about the power of even a small angle grinder to cause serious injury in a moment. Fortunately Kym is on the mend the there should be no serious permanent scarring.
Take it easy man !
                                                                                                                                        The results of Kym's angle grinder trying to kill him. Very close to the carotid artery. A luck escape indeed. Kym's view on the incident. "(the cutter I was using) certainly exploded. Found about four bits in the gutter when I got home and not much left on the grinder itself.
Have just got back from the Doc who removed stitches from the face and jaw. Others are still there and will come out on Tuesday. He reiterated how lucky I was as he shook his head. He suggested I buy a lottery ticket as so many others have. I relented and bought one yesterday, but as I suspected I've used up this week's quota of luck and didn't win anything".

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