Wednesday, August 2, 2017

More illogical red tape.

Hi Bollyblog, 
To our fellow motoring enthusiast,
As you may well know, in NSW it is an exceptionally difficult task to get a Kit/Home built car registered.
Recently, they've changed the rules yet again, making the building/engineering process of ICV's to be near impossible. An example is whilst allowing low volume vehicles to be sold in this market with no ABS that meet national ADR requirements, yet mandating that all new ICV's have ABS fitted (a near impossible task, according to Bosch).
A fellow motoring enthusiast, has had enough of seeing both his and other honest/tax paying motoring enthusiasts hobbies being taken away from them.
As such he is asking for support for legal representation to fight this, and has setup a gofundme page.
If you can spare anything to support this, it would be much appreciated.
kind regards,
The Ozclubbies Management Team

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