Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Favourite 3-wheelers No.21

Coming up at the next Shannons Sydney Auction. Note the frame is a leaf spring. I had one identical to this when I was little. Had my first major prang on it. I was racing 2 other kids home from kindy, rich kids with those toffy ones with the chain drive to the rear wheels. I was way ahead and looked behind me to see how far back they were and went headlong into a Stobie pole. Ended up in the Childrens Hospital with concussion. Haven't been the same since. These "bikes" could take a passenger (see the footplates on the back axle). Anyway, the expected price at the auction is about $600.  Somebody said I should have kept mine. Where would I put all the things I should have kept? I guess I should have kept the Panteras, the various Nagaris, the XY GT, the Warwick yellow GTS, the MGTC, the TR2, the Austin Healeys, the FWD Alvis, the BSA, the Chevs and Buicks, the original 1935 Ford V8 roadster......I could go on. Hindsight could be depressing if you let it.

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