Tuesday, May 9, 2017

THE SR6 on the market.

John Harwood has decided to move the Mark 6 on. He's spent a lot on it and made a beautiful car out of it. In the 7 years he has owned it he has raced it infrequently, even bringing it over to the Phillip Island Classic the year before last. I'll let John tell you what's been done to it.

Some photos I took today.Briefly the car has had a new
engine with BMW V8 pistons,steel con rods,billet steel flywheel, extreme
stage 2 clutch, ceramic coated extractors,Yella Terra roller rockers,webers
all rebuilt,new pumps,fans and hoses.Front and rear shocks replaced,all new
rose joints,new rotoflex drive couplings,half shaft uni joints and upright
bearings.New layshaft and selector forks 1st reverse 4th and 5th gear sets
and dog rings to gear box.Four new MB Racing (UK) three piece wheels spun
aluminium rims with magnesium centres. Brakes reconditioned new braided
lines new front rotors rebushed pedals cable adjusted brake bias and
Porterfield R4-1 pads. I can go on but I'm sure you have the picture I have
kept a diary so have a good record of the work done for anybody who may be
interested.Thanks for taking an interest I look forward to seeing it on your
blog.Current group Q sports CAMS Log book,2017 Cams race audit,Certificate
of Description.

Anyway, give John a call -  0418 912514.


Anonymous said...

What is the 3rd last photo of the SU carb' d Grey motor???

Anonymous said...

One that wasn't meant to be there.....

John L said...

oops. In my defence, the Mk.6 did begin with a grey motor, and a VW gearbox no less.