Friday, August 28, 2009

Platypus Porsche

Last year at Monterey we had the Echidna sports car, this year we have the Platypus. It turned out the Echidna had no Australian connection. The constructor's wife found the name in a crossword puzzle and liked it. The Platypus is one of three built at Manhattan Beach. I can't find an Australian link to this one either but I'm happy to be informed.


Anonymous said...

John, have a search for the Alfa Canguro, if you don't already know of this one-off dream car you may be pleasently surprised, I think it's circa 1965, also the Alfa TZ2 (remember Big Rev Kev, Bartlett drove one) it could have been a part inspiration for the Mk7.
I vaguely remember that Porsche built a Sports Racer that looked a little like a beach buggy, it was called Kangaro or something similar, someone please correct me.
I heard that when Europeans first saw a Kangaroo, a native answered the question 'what's that called?' Kangaroo was his answer (translated - I don't know!), who has the last laugh?

John L said...

Wait until next year when I track down the Bandicoot-Ford.