Monday, August 24, 2009

JWF Special

"Reid", in a comment in my post last night about the WA GT2s, asked the question about the identity of a car that he has that has been stored for over 40 years. It has very little known history. I've had a look and if it's not an Italia then I'm very much mistaken. I'll ask him in a minute if I can post some pictures. Anyway, I mentioned another JWF Italia that was a bit modified. Steve Rowley had it for a while and before he bought it, someone had cut the roof off. You may have seen some pictures of it when it was advertised in Slipstream a while back along with a Milano roadster. Be that as it may, Colin saw the comment and remembers the car as one that he had in the seventies and had a lot of fun with. Here are the photos he sent me.
Colin must have had almost as many Aussie specials as Clive Hill! I remember the car being identical to that in the mid sixties. It lived in a block of flats just off the top bit of the Anzac Highway and just around the corner from a girl I was going out with at the time so I used to see it quite regularly. I even took a black and white photo of it with the instamatic. I must dig it out. Anyway, back then it had TR3 running gear with a Skoda diff. It's still got the Skoda rear end but has a four cylinder Datsun engine and gearbox that's been in it for some time. Matt, the present owner would love to see these photos, I'll bet. I must tell him about them just in case he's not reading the blog.


vic jwf said...

g'day john yes you can post all jwf pic's thank you very much for all your help reid

Anonymous said...

I think this is a rare Ausie built TONTALA