Sunday, August 16, 2009

Racing Turners in Australia

As promised in "comments" two posts ago (Datsun 2000 Sports), here is proof that there was more than one Turner racing in Australia. The occasion in this incidence was a six-hour relay race at Calder. The Victorian Bolwell Club entered a team of predominantly Mark 7s with the odd Nagari and six-cylinder clubman, the South Australian Bolwell Club entered a team of predominantly Mark 7s plus a Datsun 2000 and a Mini sports sedan and the Victorian Austin Healey Club entered a team of Healeys plus a couple of Turners.
And for good measure, here's a photo of the yellow one at Winton in 1981 under new ownership I would presume.Turners were not spectacular in appearance or mechanically revolutionary but a delight nevertheless because they were fast, efficient, handled well and were fun to drive.


Colin said...

Perhaps a relevant comment is that Turner were a Uk based kit car manufacturer and the 2 seater sports variations were fibreglass bodied kit cars originally and hence lighter than mainstream production cars.With modified Ford 4 cylinder were very quick.

John L said...

You could actually buy a steel bodied version. It depended what year it was.

Anonymous said...

The yellow one at Winton was Richard Runnels in the ex Paul Hamilton car which is now owned by Ian Barbarie from Taree
He has restored it and it is in the same state as raced by Wal Donnaly
I am not sure about the other car but it could be one of Des Lucas,s cars as he lived in Ballarat i think.

Alexander Turner 60/365