Monday, August 17, 2009

Halstead Pantera For Sale.

Paul Halstead still heads up "Adaps". Bolwell Club Easters were sponsored by them in the 80s. (Remember the "Idaps People" trophy presented every year? I wonder what happened to that.) Halstead also ran the Toy Shop in Sydney. Among other things, they imported Panteras and put 351Cs in them. When supply of 351s dried up in America, Halstead arranged for the remaining Panteras in the world to be fitted with Clevelands from Australia. Also, his company, along with Barry Lock (Kaditcha Cars) built the 15 Giocattolo cars and more recently, in partnership with Autotek, the HAL Monaro. Paul occasionally raced a black Countach in endurance races, one at Wanneroo I remember particularly. The Lamborghini roof was cut out so that Paul, who is a huge man, could fit into it. I recall the car going by at speed with Paul's helmet sticking out through the roof. A lot of Italian cars I reckon were made for legless dwarfs and the Countouch was no exception. I always felt uncomfortable in that white one that Chris Clearihan had and I'm a midget compared to Paul. (Never had any trouble with Panteras though!) Anyway, Paul had this white Pantera built at great expense for Kevin Bartlett to race and man! what a fire breathing monster that was. Well it looks like it's for sale.Peter G reckons that at $A550,000 it makes the Van Elsen KandA Nagari a bargain.


Anonymous said...

Andrew Keiller, who rebuilt the Pantera was responsible for building Australias first Arntz Cobra replica, he later built a Chev powered Monza kit, and much more recently with his sons has been creating Porsche 917 replicas, built to sell overseas for 6 figures, where they are able to compete in some Historic Events.

JED said...

Not being too picky but Barry's cars are called Kaditcha, with a 't'.
By the way, Ivan Tighe has sold his Kaditcha to a fellow Brisbane Kaditcha enthusiast. Ivan is now looking to buy Tom Donovon Pilbeam.
John Davies

John L said...

I knew that. It didn't look right when I typed it. I was reading someone else's writing.