Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Leyburn pics.

These have come from Peter Kordic with the following:-
Have attached a few photos from Leyburn. I regret I have none of John & myself on the start. The photographer was my niece. John is right about the surface. At the end of the first run I had half a dozen stone chips on each side. I taped the sides up as you will see in the photos. One of the Milano's also taped up. Two of the Mustangs taped foam on the inside of their mudguards to try to limit the damage as the metal guards were being dented from the inside out.
I'm still developing the car and learning to drive in these events while keeping the car undamaged. Was consistently 11 seconds behind John all day on the second day.
I appreciated the friendship and assistance from John Davies and other drivers at the event.
The red Torana in the pics is Reg James who you met in SA with myself earlier this year. He has developed a tough little car. Missed first in his division by 4/100 sec, and came 37th overall. Quite an achievement when you consider that it has a new engine that had not even been started or run in before we got to Leyburn Thursday PM.

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