Friday, August 7, 2009

"Love the Beast" at the drive-in.

For those who missed seeing Love the Beast and will be in the Adelaide area on the Monday night following the Bay to Birdwood Classic, here it is. I've got entry forms and will arrange to get them to those people who indicated their intention of going, e.g. John H, Roger & Lynne, Barry & Kath, Scott & Julie, Colin & Sandy etc. and anyone else who wants one, give us a call.


Colin said...

I feel embarrassed that i am responding to the blog again - not many do. A memory from the mainline many years ago. Went in the Mk 5 and forgot where the car was parked and as it was too low to see over the cars of the 70's had to walk each row line by line till we found it. Also no side wind up window to hang the speaker on so hung it on the door pocket. Took the Mk 7 before that and overheated in the queue.

John L said...

What? No foot stuck in the glovebox stories?

Colin said...

what glovebox?