Saturday, August 1, 2009


When Peter Marr closed down his website it worried me that so much good information, especially in clever tips on building and improving Mark 7s and Nagaris, could be lost forever. Now, with a little bit of help from my friends (well, a big bit really), we have available an archive website of unlimited capacity and duration. The first thing to go on it will be Peter's material, he has just sent me a disc. Beven began placing a few old Slipstreams on a website but it runs out of room quickly. There will be virtually no limit to the size of this archive so we could put all of the Slipstreams on it. I often think how useful some of those old "Bolly Doctor" articles would be. It's unlimited what information could go on it without the worry of expiry dates. Even some of these blog posts are worth keeping in my opinion and even though Google seem to be good to me, I don't have any ads on the blog and I would hate to see the old posts dropping off the end. The domain is registered. It is called "Goldfields Motor Museum". A specific inbox is about to be set up that will take the large files for any stuff people want archived. A young man in Melbourne (the son of a member) is doing a website (f.o.c.) that will provide a landing page and index for visitors to go to their choice of topics once we have them. All people have to do is email their files to the email address (TBA) and we will upload them. At a later date we may get registration facilities and emails so we can send out news when new archives are added.

Just flicking through some really old Slipstreams last night I came across this old "Bolly Doctor" with instructions for removing a Mk.7 body. Might be useful for Graeme and his friends up in Brisbane. You need a few friends when you do this.

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