Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monterey 2009

While we've been messing around with Elfins and so-on, California has been busy with a week of Classic racing and concours events. The whole thing kicks off mid-week with the "Concours on the Avenue" at Carmel by the Sea which was famous for having Clint Eastwood as its mayor. This is the car that won the "Best in Show" award (image credit Wouter Melissen). It is a 1957 Ferrari 250 TR Prototypo.
As you can see it has copied the open front guards of the Buchanan. We all know that Buchanan copied nothing with their styling don't we. These concours events are noted for their mandatory dress code that sees all the blokes getting around in their dark blue blazers looking like Yacht Club Commodores (they probably all are). I'm still saving up for the blazer!


Jim said...

I had a blue blazer once complete with chrome buttons.
If I'd known, John, I would have kept it for you (so long as you didn't say who you got it from).

John L said...

What yatch club were you in?

Colin said...

Come on guys. When you are in your late 50's (or older) it is hard to look cool in a leather jacket as they don't wrap around your tummy too well. And often sports jackets do not age well where as a custom tailored blazer can get you in many places.
A dark blue blazer can be dressed up with a tie and slacks or worn over blue jeans T shirt and sneakers. One decent blazer and you can mix and match for any occasion. And yes I had mine on today. Or am I being too serious here. Its the uniform for old farts. I just saw a fifty-ish guy get out of a 997 turbo with his stunning Italian girlfriend who was about 25 and he had the blazer, t-shirt and loafers with blue jeans. Bet is gives his ex-wife (current wife) the shits

Jim said...

The Royal Wannabee Hardbar Motor Yacht Squadron

Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I'll get you a blazer and drive you to carmel...but I dont' think that they'll have me there in the 96 honda. Last time I went it was with an 84 land cruiser, we were parked alongside some ferraris and land rover hard to fit in with that crowd.