Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mark 7 with Nagari doors

Last week I had an email from Craig (no other details). Craig is the owner of the Mark 7 with the Nagari doors. He knows very little about the history of the car and would love to know. Don't know much myself except that it lived some time ago in NSW. This is an appeal for information. Anyway, I was going through some material from Peter M last night, preparing it for the archive website, and lo and behold, what do I find? A couple of photos of the Mark 7 with Nagari doors.
In these photos it looks like it had been standing around for a long time. Peter might be our first call in the history stakes. I don't even know which state Craig is in but I do have a hotmail address.

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bollie7 said...

Col W knows a bit about the Mk7 with Nagari doors. I believe it lived in Sydney for a while. (perhaps some tie up with a Qantas employee. Col did tell me once but I can't remember) It then ended up in Armidale NSW where the then owner contacted me about it. I think he had it repainted and got it re registered. It was for sale for some time and eventually sold. Can't remember where it went but I did get a call from the next owner once. He wasn't too happy. Apparently there was some issue about the car between him and the previous owner. I can't remember what he told me and it was between them anyway. Thats about all I can remeber about it. I think the pics of it that I had were taken when it was "rediscovered" in Armidale.
Peter m