Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Italia roadster

These are the photos that 'Reid' was referring to. It does look to me to be a JWF Italia.
Any more thoughts on it? What's more, does anybody recognise the car from long ago?Apparently it has been stored for over 40 years.


John L said...

Just in case I didn't mention it before, it is fitted with a grey Holden motor on a Singer chassis. It's believed to be last registered in SA. It was purchased from a lady from SA.

vic jwf said...

g'day john i was told the chassis was a singer 9 1938 or 1939 also i was looking at the windscreen it has a rego sticker on it . but it's all faded the only thing readable is chief commissioner of police on the bottom right hand side ,in small black letters and is 6" wide and 3" high so mite it be a sa rego sticker ? thanks reid.

John L said...

No, I doubt if it's an SA label. Way back then, SA stickers were square and not administered by the "chief Commissioner of Police". If it was SA it would be "Registrar of Motor Vehicles".