Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mark 7 with Nagari doors - 2

Not much more info on this car but everyone must have a copy of this picture because they've been rolling in. Maybe they found it on an old Bollyblog post. One suggestion was that the NSW rego number, QYW-566, might be a starting point. Several people have suggested a Fibrecar connection. Unfortunately we can't ask Roycey about it.

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John L said...

I've now heard a rumor about a Mark 7 being built at the factory with Nagari doors. Incidentally, Craig, the owner, says that the car is in storage in ACT, so if Chris G, who is installing Nagari door hinges on his Mk.7, wants some photos, they may be able to be arranged. I assume Craig is in Asia somewhere because his emails come with Asian style headings that I can't read.