Monday, August 17, 2009

Leyburn 2009

Here is B8/26 lining up for the start of a run at Leyburn yesterday. The dust is from a minor "off-field excursion". Not John's fault we're told, "the track moved!!"
The weather was beautiful, clear, dry and very warm. (Sounds like one of those Qld. tourism ads). Actually it was shirtsleeve weather at Mallala on Saturday, most unusual for this time of year.
John Davies tells us that the Leyburn track is an awful chip seal, and Peter Kordic had to put tape on the lower body to protect the beautiful paint job on the Mk.7.
John ran immediately behind Peter and the 2 Bollies looked great together on the dummy grid.
Jason Lea also ran at Leyburn on the weekend in the Datsun Sports.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like there was more competitors and pit crew than spectators, nice and quiet, for racing enthusiest only, who needs spectators.

Trevor G said...

According to the Toowoomba Chronicle and Warwick Daily News there was 15,000 spectators, at $10 a day each that's $300,000, the town should be rolling in cash and ready for a huge event next year. Free entry , bands, fire works and shitloads left over for ALL the comunity groups. Last year they only brought in $75,000 through the gates and made a profit of $34,000, they thought that was pretty good. What will they do with all that money ?

Anonymous said...

All the committee will go on a holiday to the Bahamas and buy new tractors, thay's what.

Fred said...

I thought the sprints committee promised to resurface the track, didn't do stuff all this year, even corner three, last years corner four was still up the shit.
15,000 spectators who's wanking who, i didn't see seven hundred. Good fun though. The track was 1,600 plus metres this year, no wonder the times were different.

Davo said...

We got another $40,000 in competitors entries on top and ran the event really cheap this year. We did allright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darren D said...

Does anyone know what has happened to the Skelta in the last 12 months, Vandersee ran a44.89 as his best time last year, this year his best was 51.23. Anyhow why do we pay so much to enter these events when they obviously make so much out of them. With the gates, the food and our entry fees they must have pulled near $400 G, what do they do with it. That's if the claimed 15,000 spectators were there. Davo is the treasurer as far as I know.

jed262626 said...

Re Skelta -
- longer track +
- aybe 3 litre Hayabusa based V8 from the USA is not as good as the Honda 2000 ?

John L said...

What's that taped on the side?

jed262626 said...

That is a Dorian transponder which trips wires laid in the road at the start and finish for accurate timing.
Most events now here in Queendland use them.
About $330 new or $35 a day hire

John L said...

I should have known. We use them here too. Just put them in a different place I guess.