Friday, July 17, 2009


Zinfandel is a red wine grape seldom seen in Australia (well, from my limited outlook anyway). I know that it is very popular in California but I have thought that the average Californian's taste in wine was a bit like the average Queenslander's (I did say AVERAGE so don't get too excited you West Coast and banana bending wine buffs) so hadn't given much thought to it. Some friends of ours have a winery over at Bethany and some time back they put in 3 rows of Zinfandel vines. Well, I really love it. You can't really drink just Merlot all the time. I guess, if you're anything like me, you go through stages and the Merlot stage has lasted for a while.

JB's white wines are great too and included in their white varieties are Pinot Blanc and Clairette. I know I'm getting old because I savour and appreciate everything I do these days and drinking wine is no exception. Each sip seems to go to the back of my mouth, trickle off the sides of my tongue and slowly it is consumed and I love it. Mind you the same goes for Cooper's Stout. I find that everything I have enjoyed in my life is now much more appreciated as it happens. Even farting seems satisfying and cleaning out a cupboard and getting rid of junk, there's a bit of enjoyment in that, I must do some more.


Colin said...

I would think you would get many responses to this post from South Aussie's given their wine industry.
As I travel often you cannot get my favorite Aussie wines so I rely on Margaux's and Sancerre's for my red and white as i am a Cab Sav. and Sav. Blanc type of guy. Never got into Merlot's except as a quaffing drink. Funny, (nothing to do with Merlots) but I refuse to pay $ 100 plus for Aussie wine overseas when I know its $ 20 back home. I don't seem to develop a stock of wine coz I drink it! mmmm. Better go open a bottle I brought back with me last time.

Anonymous said...

Do more what, farting or cleaning?

John L said...