Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The "Goodies" days.

Following my last post (I was almost tempted to put LAST POST in inverted commas following an unusual email I received yesterday referring to the demise of this blog), Peter G has asked a question:-
"B8/38 raced with many liveries during its long career. At various times the Original Pale Blue, then with Stripes then later with multistripes along the hip line, later Pale Blue with Red Roof, White with a Red roof (Litre Motors), Dark Blue with Yellow along the Hip line, Black(?) with multi striping along the Hip Line (Contour spons.), and probably most recognised (remembered) of all Goodies Speed Shop Purple with Yellow diagonal striping across the sil panel (circa 1980). I'm not sure of the exact sequence, but it was painted Red during the Steve Bernard/Richard Gac street registered period after retiring from track duty.
I have attached the only photos I have of the famous Goodies Livery. Do you have any colour photos of this Livery?"

Isn't that amazing. I have to admit that I don't have any colour pics either. I agree that the car is well remembered in that form. It was so bright and looked spectacular. I have photos of just about, if not all, plus a few others, of the colour schemes described by Peter, in a few cases with the assistance of Henry, and a pictorial might be in order, but not in purple and yellow. I'm sure someone out there would have and if they don't mind, we could show it on the blog as well as any other pictures of this car. My email address is listed in my profile.

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