Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Found another Mark 5

Ages ago Trevor alerted us to a rumour of a Mark 5 in Roxby Downs. Recently, when I asked him about it, he couldn't remember who had told him about it, let alone any details. Usually these leads come to nothing (I just about turned Narranderah upside down to no avail after Col Watson was told about a Mark 5 in that town, for example - and I can tell you about a few others). Anyway, a very old friend, Ray Goldie, runs the newspaper in Roxby Downs, "The Monitor". I asked him if he knew of a Mark 5 Bolwell in Roxby. He didn't even know what a Bolwell was (he does now!). Anyway, he offered to ask around via the newspaper. I sent him a photo of Bill's yellow Mark 5 (complete with plastic plate and tennis ball on the bonnet - you know the one) and he wrote a great little article about Mark 5s (obviously some homework was done). A couple of days after publication, while I was out feeding the chooks, I get a telephone call from John Webber of Roxby Downs, proud owner of a Mark 5 Bolwell. He wants to come down to Adelaide to a club meeting and to see a restored and complete Mk.5. He has problems with a rusty old chassis, a common Mark 5 complaint, and we might be able to help him with that or at least join him in grumbling about it. Isn't all that amazing! Some of us thought we may have uncovered one of the lost SA Mark 5s, but no, this one came from Tasmania. Anyway, thank you Ray, a great outcome.

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